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At the Root of Jewish Life

Find out just what the Federation supports in our community: Read more

Plenty of Ways to Party this Purim

Purim, which literally means “lots,” is a holiday that commemorates the victory of the Jews over the tyranny of King Ahashverosh in the province of Shushan in ancient Persia. King Ahashverosh, influenced by his royal vizier, Haman, was plotting to murder all of the Jewish people in the land and picked “lots” to determine which day it would happen. However, Ahashverosh’s wife, Queen Esther, heard of the plot from her cousin Mordechai, who worked in the palace. She declared her Jewish identity to the King and pleaded with him to save the Jews. So, in the end, the punishment went to Haman rather than the Jewish people.
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From Sochi to Jerusalem: Venues of Shared Civic Values

The 2014 Winter Olympics is not the only example of “excellence, friendship and respect” to be found of late. Earlier this month, hundreds of young volunteers from nearly all sectors of Israel’s young adult population gathered at Ma’ase Center’s two-day Shared Encounters seminar in Jerusalem, the second of three such meetings during their activity year, to discuss Identity & Belonging in Israeli Society. Ma’ase is a grantee of the Federation that fosters multi-cultural understanding in Israeli society. Read more

Announcing the Judith Chapman Memorial Women’s Leadership Award of 2014

This month, the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties (the Federation) announced that Sue Diamond will be awarded the annual Judith Chapman Memorial Women’s Leadership Award. Each year, the Federation honors a female role model in the community with this prestigious award, which recognizes outstanding Jewish volunteer leaders who go above-and-beyond in dedicating their time, energy and resources. These women are mentors, modeling and motivating others to express their Jewish values by supporting the overall well-being of their Jewish community. Sue will be physically presented with the award on April 24, at the Federation’s Power of One event. Read more

Announcing Three Impact Grants to Outstanding Jewish Engagement Programs in Marin County

Earlier this month we announced three new Marin-based grants to outstanding organizations through our Marin Impact Grants Initiative designed to connect Marin families to Jewish life. The Federation’s trailblazing  Impact Grants Initiative (IGI) program employs a high engagement and empowerment approach to grant-making modeled on social venture philanthropy. The IGI program provides donor-participants with a hands-on way to make a real difference in their community by making high impact grants that focus on pressing community needs. Read more

My Pathway to Super Sunday

By Angie Dalfen, member of the Federation’s first cohort of LGBT Jewish leaders in its Pathways to Jewish Leadership program

This past weekend I participated in a decades-old Jewish community tradition – Super Sunday. Not Super Bowl Sunday (which I abstained from this year due to a lousy cable connection and disinterest in the two teams) but Super Sunday, when scores of volunteers descend on the Jewish Community Center to schmooze and kibitz and eat bagels while making phone calls to donors all over the Bay Area. Read more

Rewarding Beyond Measure

This post is the fourth in a series on the Helen Diller Family Awards for Excellence in Jewish Education.

Sylvia Gitlin

Judaism has always been an integral part of Sylvia Gitlin’s life. Nurtured by a small Jewish Community in Mexico, Gitlin realized when she moved to the United States that she wanted her children to have a meaningful, comparable Jewish experience. She volunteered at their day schools only to discover a hidden passion for teaching. She loved modeling Jewish values and traditions for young people. Read more

My Pathway to a Jewish LGBT Life in San Francisco

By Emanuel S. Yekutiel, member of the Federation’s first cohort of LGBT Jewish leaders in its Pathways to Jewish Leadership program

A few weeks ago, I sat with my fellow Pathways program members in the pews of Congregation Sha’ar Zahav to hear the history of LGBT and LGBT Jewish San Francisco. We could not have been more aptly located – right in the center of LGBT Jewish life in the city. Read more

Granting our Future

Recently, YAD Board Members Danna Rubin and Sarah Persitz came up with an interesting idea on how to educate young adults on philanthropy: create a unique event that isn’t focused on collecting money but, rather, on giving it away.

On January 28, more than 30 members of the Federation’s Young Adult Division participated in Granting our Future, an occasion where attendees sat at tables of six, wined, dined and made decisions about which Federation grantee would receive $5,000.

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Teen Foundation Alumni Stay Connected in College

By Stephanie Levine, North Peninsula Jewish Teen Foundation Alumna

Last week, I attended an alumni panel where eight alumni members of the North Peninsula Jewish Teen Foundation – myself included – participated in a lively meeting with the current Leadership Council (LC) of the Jewish Teen Foundations (JTF). The LC is composed of a select group of JTF board members and is charged with mentoring new board members and leading board meetings. All of the alumni had been through the program before, so we convened to offer advice to the current board to guide them through their year as LC members. We also went to talk to them about how to continue to be active in the Jewish community even after their time on the board has concluded. Read more


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