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Board of Trustees approves exciting new changes

We are excited to share with you the progress our Board of Trustees has made in developing new strategies for the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund.


This process began with the Board approving three roles for the organization which both build on Federation’s unique strengths and focus our efforts on the collective action needed to support a thriving community:

  1. Investing Strategically: Raising financial resources, facilitating community collaboration, and investing through high-impact grants consistent with JCF’s mission.
  2. Building Capacity: Building the capacity of our Jewish community organizations by leveraging pro bono and JCF resources to strengthen their effectiveness.
  3. Developing Jewish Philanthropists and Leaders: Providing a continuum of innovative leadership development programming, individualized philanthropic services, and education.


The process continued with the creation of a family of four funds which together comprise the essential components of a thriving Jewish community. The four funds are:

  1. Community Core Fund: Ensuring a thriving community by caring for the vulnerable, promoting Jewish culture, and strengthening education and identity.
  2. Israel and Global Fund: Strengthening Israel by advancing social justice and equal opportunity; and providing for Jews in need worldwide.
  3. Bay Area Initiatives Fund: Addressing current community-wide challenges through targeted initiatives.
  4. Innovation Fund: Seed-funding innovative projects in emerging and traditional Jewish organizations.


In establishing the four funds, the board also created a donor choice program. For the first time, donors will have the opportunity to designate their giving by selecting one (or more) of the four funds for a portion of their gift.

Federation will continue to provide expertise and services to Legacy donors, donor advised fund holders, and others who seek multiple avenues for their philanthropy.


And most recently, the Board approved the first three initiatives to be funded under the Bay Area Initiatives Fund:

  • Reducing Barriers to, and Increasing Participation in, Jewish Life: Helping Jews in our community participate in Jewish life by addressing affordability, quality and inclusiveness. Examples of the projects and initiatives here are:
Affordability Project: Providing more than $1,000,000 in Jewish school and camp scholarships to our community’s families.
Early Childhood Education Initiative: Increasing the quality of our preschool programs, developing the next generation of Jewish educators, building the Jewish identity of our children (e.g., PJ Library program), and making this vital entry point more accessible for interfaith and other potentially marginalized families.
Special Needs Initiative: Helping 47 Bay Area Jewish organizations become more accessible to over 6,000 special needs children and their families.
  • Bay Area Jewish Service Network: Connecting Bay Area Jews to a compelling menu of meaningful service opportunities that will make a significant impact on community needs and deepen engagement in the Jewish community. The board directed staff to engage in the development of specific projects that will address this important work.
  • Regional Impact Grants: A new model for regional grantmaking focused on local challenges and designed to re-invigorate this important role of the Federation throughout our service area.

These are historic decisions by the Board of Trustees who have recognized the need for the Federation to adapt and evolve in order to succeed in a changing and challenging environment. Focused roles, strategic grantmaking to address community-wide issues, and donor choice will ensure that we continue to build, and sustain, a vibrant, connected, and enduring Jewish community for the next 100 years.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue with you, our donors and the community in the coming months.

See a list of all our current grantees.

Latke Ball Breaks Records for Major Success

Young Adults Division - Challah Back!

Wow, what an incredible night! The 12th Annual Latke Ball was a rousing success. More than 1,000 party-goers braved the rain and filled Ruby Skye to the brim on Christmas Eve in the name of fun, friends, charity and Dreidel Dreidel cocktails.

Latke Ball

The evening began with a special VIP reception on the balcony, which featured delectable desserts by Eliot Collins Catering, Prairie Organic Vodka and Barefoot Bubbly champagne to get the party started. DJ Danman provided a sexy, loungy soundtrack and his live percussion took things to the next level. DJ Solomon took over at halftime and kept everyone grooving until the 2 a.m. finish when the dance floor was still packed and eventually Ruby Skye staff had to politely ask people to make their way towards the exit. That’s my definition of a victorious event!

lb-cocktailsWe are happy to report that we smashed all previous records for money raised at the Latke Ball. All proceeds will fund the entire year’s worth of programming for the Young Adults Division (YAD) of the Jewish Community Federation. This includes subsidizing the Club Fed seminar series, funding the educational speakers series and providing scholarships for UJC’s National Young Leadership Conference in New Orleans this March.

On the day we began planning the Latke Ball, my fearless co-chair, Nathaniel and I decided to designate a special beneficiary organization to receive a portion of the proceeds. This had never been done before, but we felt it was important to show the community that young adults care about causes that may not directly benefit us personally. We selected Camp Tawonga and we’re thrilled to be able to provide the Jewish camp scholarships for children. Even after this donation, our net profits beat the previous record by 23.5 percent.

lb-dj-danmanIt was not a Hanukkah miracle that the Latke Ball came together so well. A large debt of gratitude goes to the stellar host committee, which ran like a well-oiled machine reminiscent of the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV. Everyone used their talents, energy and humor to make planning the event even more rewarding and the final outcome so successful. Tamara Wolfson, Nira Goren, Nicole Miller, Ryan Cohen, Erin Leonard, Aren Sandersen and Raphy Mahpour — you guys rock! I owe an enormous thank you to Andrea Skor, Co-Vice President of Community Building for YAD for all of her tireless efforts. I appreciate her unending enthusiasm and care for every event detail down to which shade of “Jewish blue” the napkins should be. More thanks go out to YAD staff members Stephanie Brown, Dina Jacobson and Abra Annes, who kept everything on track and made the night run as smoothly as possible. Also, thank you to YAD Board President Jordan Sills and to all of the YAD board members and everyone else who volunteered at the event.

Finally, a massive thank you to my partner-in-crime, Nathaniel, who kept the Excel spreadsheets rolling, the emails flowing, the to-do lists expanding and made working on the Latke Ball a total blast. Your goal from the very beginning was to ‘pimp the party’ and we can now say with confidence, mission accomplished!

Alexis Marina Kershner

Alexis Marina Kershner

Check out more photos from this year’s Latke Ball, Party 4 a Purpose!

Alexis Marina Kershner
Latke Ball Co-Chair
Young Adults Division Board

Find Your Niche in YAD

Young Adults Division - Challah Back!

Have you ever wanted to know more about YAD, the Jewish Federation and our local Jewish community? YAD’s Leadership and Education Team is here to help.

The Leadership and Education Team, headed up by Adrienne Leder and me (Frank Brodsky), is ready to help you get connected within the organization and the community at large. We help you find your place through local programming and by providing fabulous opportunities for people to participate in events outside of the area.

On the local level, we lead a fabulous program called Club Fed every winter/spring. Club Fed is made up of five sessions in which participants actively engage in learning about Jewish identity, contemporary Jewish issues, Israel, Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and Federation-supported organizations. Each session is highly interactive, educational, engaging and, most of all, fun. Enrollment begins in January and fills up quickly. Reserve your spot today.

The Leadership and Education Team also heads up the recruitment and local coordination for young adult conferences and missions. This March, we are sending more than 25 San Francisco YAD participants to the National Young Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA. They’ll join more than 500 others from around the country to party, learn about New Orleans and help rebuild hurricane-damaged areas.

These fantastic programs help the Leadership and Education Team meet its goals of further developing the future leadership of YAD and the Jewish Federation and helping people learn more about the organization and get connected in ways that are meaningful to them.

Frank Brodsky

Frank Brodsky

I look forward to having you get involved and am happy to help in any way I can.

Frank Brodsky
Co-Vice President Leadership and Education Team
Young Adults Division Board


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