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Thanksgiving + Chanukah + Rituals = Try something new this year

By Sue Schwartzman, Director of Philanthropic Education and Engagement

The upcoming Thanksgiving/Chanukah holidays offer families a unique opportunity to be together and share special moments with extended family and friends. Sometimes being together and sharing a meal and candle blessings is enough, but if you are looking for additional ways to be more connected and add meaning to the holiday, try the table conversation starters, the storytelling gift, or the Night of Giving ritual suggested below. Thanksgivukkah is an opportunistic moment to try something new. Read more

Super Sunday – It’s More Than A Donation

Super Sunday, it's more than a donation.

Your Gift Lays the Foundation for
a Lifetime of Jewish Experiences.

It starts with PJ Library®, an engagement program that delivers free monthly Jewish children’s literature and music to families to enjoy together. Then our Affordability Project provides $1M in scholarships so that more families can afford to send their children to Jewish school and overnight camps. Our Jewish Teen Foundations help create the next generation of leaders and philanthropists by giving teens tools and confidence to change the world. And young adults form a closer connection to Israel and a deeper understanding of their roots on our Birthright trips.

Your support makes it happen.

 Answer the call on January 27, 2013

Register to volunteer at Super Sunday

To learn more about our work to build a vibrant, caring, and enduring Jewish community that is a force for good locally, in Israel, and around the world,
visit our website or email us.
That’s the power of community.

Lynn Bunim: Leadership By Example

Lynn Bunim

For the past 40 years, Lynn Bunim, the 2012 Judith Chapman Memorial Women’s Leadership Award winner, has demonstrated the passion, sacrifice, sincerity, and individuality that go into being a leader. To those that know her well, she is an inspirational leader, one that does not allow bureaucracy to get in her way. Lynn continues to push us to go beyond the status quo. Through her own drive, persistence, and devotion, Lynn makes positive changes to both the Bay Area Jewish community and to the San Francisco community as a whole.

Lynn’s empowering spirit has affected numerous individuals. Below are personal statements from just a handful of those that have worked with Lynn and been touched, guided, and inspired by Lynn’s persistence and grace.

Kathy Williams, Lay Leader, Chair of Judith Chapman Memorial Women’s Leadership Award Committee:

“There are women who touch your life and you know they will have a lifelong impact on you and your community. Lynn Bunim is one of them. As Chair of the Judith Chapman Leadership Award Committee, I had the privilege of calling Lynn Bunim to tell her she was selected as the recipient of the 2012 Chapman award. Lynn’s initial response was the silence that often comes with the surprise of winning a prestigious award followed by a humble thank you — though it is our community that should be thanking Lynn for her leadership. She embodies the heart and soul this award represents. She has dedicated thousands of hours as a leader and volunteer to organizations including Jewish Vocational Services and Federation ensuring critical lifelines are available to those in need, in our Jewish and secular communities, ranging from basic work skills that help individuals return to work or ensuring seniors have transportation preventing them from being homebound. Always with an eye on the future, Lynn manages to find time in her busy schedule to mentor some of our younger leaders. Regardless of age, Lynn has served as a role model to all of us and shown us through her actions how to be a strong, articulate and committed leader. Yasher Koach, Lynn.”

Laura Mason, Senior Program officer at Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund:

“I believe Lynn is one of the rare leaders in the community who is able to both see the big picture from 40,000 feet, and ready and willing to delve into the work of implementation and ultimately translating vision into impact. To our work she brings a deeply respectful and collaborative approach that enhances any communal process. Not one to shy away from a challenge or to lose momentum amidst competing interests, Lynn remains grounded and wise in complex situations. All of these traits make Lynn the quintessential leader, whether it is in a board room or otherwise in her day-to-day life. On a personal level, Lynn has always been a role model of mine, as I am continually impressed by her grace under pressure and ability to make the balancing act of professional, volunteer and family responsibilities seem effortless.”

Debbie Toizer, Lay Leader, Women in Leadership Mentee:

“When I was accepted into Women In Leadership, a leadership mentoring program of the Jewish Community Federation a few years ago, I was excited to have the opportunity to work with a mentor. Then I received the news that Lynn Bunim was to be my mentor and I looked her up online. Have you seen this woman’s resume? Executive Director for External Affairs for AT&T; Chair of the Mayor’s Fiscal Advisory Committee under both Gavin Newsom and Willie Brown, Founding Trustee and board member of the San Francisco Day School; and the list goes on. Lynn was recognized by the League of Women Voters as a “Woman Who Could be President.” President! To be honest, it was a little intimidating.

Shortly after that, Lynn and I met in person. She asked me about my goals and what she could do to help me achieve them. That’s how it went with Lynn and me. She would check in from time to time, forwarding my resume and putting me in touch with people for future involvement. Lynn may be a business executive, sought after by government officials and business leaders for her expertise, but she made time to share that expertise with me too. Congratulations, Lynn, on a much deserved award.”

Susan Mall, Lay Leader and former JCF Staff:

“In the early days of the Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) lunch ‘Strictly Business,’ I called Lynn because we needed help with corporate sponsors. I thought Lynn would be a perfect person because of Lynn’s incredible reputation and experience in the business world. Lynn was a bit reluctant at first to serve on the JVS committee, but very thoughtful— asking lots of questions before she got involved because Lynn does not like to do anything half-way. Agreeing to serve on this one committee led to being on many other committees at JVS, heading up the committees, then taking a board position, and then becoming the head of the whole organization! Lynn then became a member of the Board of the Federation and then worked her way up the JCF organization the same way she committed herself and worked her way up JVS. She asked a lot of questions and dedicated herself to learning and loving the organization, Along the way she helped to create new areas of involvement for young people, business people and those who wanted to enter the portals of Jewish community life.

The best thing about Lynn is that even though she has had a long and strong history of community service, she came to her Jewish communal work a little later in her life; and through the doors of JVS, she worked her way into the Jewish organizational world to become one of the top decision makers at JCF. She is the “poster person” for Jewish community involvement and passion. I am so happy I made that phone call! Congratulations Lynn!”

The Jewish Community and Endowment Fund would like to thank Lynn Bunim for her work in the community and for continuing to motivate so many of us to increase our volunteerism and further develop our leadership skills.

JOIN LYNN AT THE POWER OF ONE AWARD CEREMONY Lynn will receive the Judith Chapman Memorial Women’s Leadership Award at our annual Power of One event, taking place February 16 at the San Francisco Hilton. Learn more and register for this celebration of Jewish women who inspire us to make a difference in the world.

Why do you give?

And why do you give to the Federation?

We’re constantly spouting messaging about why it is important to make donations through the Federation, but we  were curious to find out what actually compels our donors to do so.

This is what they had say…

So why to you give?

There’s always room at the table for those in need

Passover Video. Click to watch.

As Passover approaches, the Jewish people are blessed again to recount the signs and wonders that accompanied our people on their journey out of bondage to freedom. Our strength of overcoming obstacles has always been rooted in our ability to take collective action. The Jewish Community Endowment Fund (JCEF) builds on that strength by ensuring that we continue gathering together to tell our story to their children. By creating a generous charitable gift annuity you enact a traditional responsibility to care for yourself, as well as our Jewish community.

This Passover, we hope you will consider connecting the next generation and their families to a vibrant, meaningful Jewish community. Whether that means donating to our 2010 Annual Campaign today or establishing a JCEF charitable gift annuity at current favorable rates to help protect yourself against financial uncertainties, either way, you’ll be playing a part in securing a robust and vital Jewish community for centuries to come.

Help us perform mitzvot


We’re down to the wire. It’s time for us to determine which programs will receive Federation’s funding for the coming year. As of today, there is a large gap between the dollars needed to sustain the many services that support Jewish life and the dollars available. If we fail to close this gap by June 30, many of our community’s vital programs will be cut at a time when they are needed most.

If you haven’t made your gift to the 2009 Annual Campaign, please take this opportunity to make your pledge by June 30. Your dollars fund critical services for vulnerable members of our community, from babies to seniors, in the Bay Area, in Israel and around the world. Your one gift can drastically change many people’s lives.

If each of us makes a gift, no matter what amount, collectively we have the strength to create change. Please make your pledge today, payable by December 31, 2009. I assure you that every dollar counts and is appreciated.

If you’ve already made your gift, we are truly grateful and hope you’ll consider making an additional pledge or forwarding this email to others urging them to join you in supporting your Federation during this challenging year.

Your gift has never been more important.

Daniel Sokatch
Chief Executive Officer
Jewish Community Federation

P.S. Thank you in advance for your gift to the 2009 Annual Campaign.


Family mentoring program in Sderot, Israel

For more than 25 years, the Jewish Community Federation has focused on programs that reflect the unique values of our San Francisco community. We address needs and relate to target populations that others might not, or who would otherwise fall by the wayside.

We follow our programs closely, making sure they are implemented effectively and efficiently, with a maximum of accountability from our own office in Israel.

One of these program that the San Francisco Federation is funding is Atzmaut (“Independence”) – a comprehensive, family-based program for Ethiopian Jews, which provides intensive mentoring to the entire family, relating to the needs of the children at school, the difficulties of their parents in finding work, and to parent-child relationships and family functioning.

The unique approach of our community is apparent. The Ethiopian-Israeli community in Sderot is only 120 families – small by government standards. Both government and philanthropic funds are overwhelmingly directed to those towns in which there are large concentrations of the Ethiopian community. Often those living in the smaller places fall by the wayside. And of course, in Sderot, only 1Km from the Gaza border, their needs are no less compelling.

A recent missile attack forced Batsheva, Atzmaut’s Program Director in Sderot, (herself Ethiopian-Israeli) to her family’s shelter. She realized she was using breathing techniques from trauma relief workshops she’d arranged for Atzmaut participants. Asked how living under fire had affected her work, she explained, “It is not easy working when you are worrying about your family, but it gives me strength to know that I have to help those who need help more than I do.”

The critical need for this program, clear every day, is all the more highlighted in times of crisis. Additional gifts directed to this program will increase the number of families and children receiving help. Give now.


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