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Board of Trustees approves exciting new changes

We are excited to share with you the progress our Board of Trustees has made in developing new strategies for the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund.


This process began with the Board approving three roles for the organization which both build on Federation’s unique strengths and focus our efforts on the collective action needed to support a thriving community:

  1. Investing Strategically: Raising financial resources, facilitating community collaboration, and investing through high-impact grants consistent with JCF’s mission.
  2. Building Capacity: Building the capacity of our Jewish community organizations by leveraging pro bono and JCF resources to strengthen their effectiveness.
  3. Developing Jewish Philanthropists and Leaders: Providing a continuum of innovative leadership development programming, individualized philanthropic services, and education.


The process continued with the creation of a family of four funds which together comprise the essential components of a thriving Jewish community. The four funds are:

  1. Community Core Fund: Ensuring a thriving community by caring for the vulnerable, promoting Jewish culture, and strengthening education and identity.
  2. Israel and Global Fund: Strengthening Israel by advancing social justice and equal opportunity; and providing for Jews in need worldwide.
  3. Bay Area Initiatives Fund: Addressing current community-wide challenges through targeted initiatives.
  4. Innovation Fund: Seed-funding innovative projects in emerging and traditional Jewish organizations.


In establishing the four funds, the board also created a donor choice program. For the first time, donors will have the opportunity to designate their giving by selecting one (or more) of the four funds for a portion of their gift.

Federation will continue to provide expertise and services to Legacy donors, donor advised fund holders, and others who seek multiple avenues for their philanthropy.


And most recently, the Board approved the first three initiatives to be funded under the Bay Area Initiatives Fund:

  • Reducing Barriers to, and Increasing Participation in, Jewish Life: Helping Jews in our community participate in Jewish life by addressing affordability, quality and inclusiveness. Examples of the projects and initiatives here are:
Affordability Project: Providing more than $1,000,000 in Jewish school and camp scholarships to our community’s families.
Early Childhood Education Initiative: Increasing the quality of our preschool programs, developing the next generation of Jewish educators, building the Jewish identity of our children (e.g., PJ Library program), and making this vital entry point more accessible for interfaith and other potentially marginalized families.
Special Needs Initiative: Helping 47 Bay Area Jewish organizations become more accessible to over 6,000 special needs children and their families.
  • Bay Area Jewish Service Network: Connecting Bay Area Jews to a compelling menu of meaningful service opportunities that will make a significant impact on community needs and deepen engagement in the Jewish community. The board directed staff to engage in the development of specific projects that will address this important work.
  • Regional Impact Grants: A new model for regional grantmaking focused on local challenges and designed to re-invigorate this important role of the Federation throughout our service area.

These are historic decisions by the Board of Trustees who have recognized the need for the Federation to adapt and evolve in order to succeed in a changing and challenging environment. Focused roles, strategic grantmaking to address community-wide issues, and donor choice will ensure that we continue to build, and sustain, a vibrant, connected, and enduring Jewish community for the next 100 years.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue with you, our donors and the community in the coming months.

See a list of all our current grantees.

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